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About me

Profile_img I am a 3rd-year medical student at Osaka University (bachelor's transfer admission). My previous majors are materials physics in a bachelor's degree and computer science in a master's degree. Currently, I am pursuing my education in medical science while exploring research opportunities that integrate it with the fields of informatics and mathematics.
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* University of Osaka, Japan
   - MD (Medical Science)
* University of Waterloo, Canada
   - PhD (Computer Science) → dropout
* The University of Tokyo, Japan
   - MS (Computer Science), supervised by T. Hachisuka
* The University of Tokyo, Japan
   - BE (Materials Science), supervised by S. Watanabe and E. Minamitani


* Preferred Networks Inc.
   - Research internship for Machine Learning: Slides(EN), Blog(JP).
* Blueqat Inc.
   - Research internship for Quantum Computing.
* Aidemy Inc.
   - Teaching of Machine Learning and Blockchain.


The Scholarship of "2023年度 岸本基金奨学助成金"
The Scholarship of "2022年度 岸本基金奨学助成金"
The Student Award of "日本金属学会・日本鉄鋼協会 奨学賞"
  - An excellent academic award of the undergrad department (GPA 3.99/4.30).